About Us

We started our SøtaPop journey in the height of the 2020 pandemic where our world came to a halt. In the midst of global pain and distress, we wanted to do something that made us happy. And what makes us happy is making others happy. We created a brand that was inspired by our deep Minnesota roots, our socially conscience souls, and our dedication to produce exceptional products.
We Minnesotans are authentic and prideful of our great state. Our SøtaPop family works hard to make sure we make our products with only the best ingredients and only source our products with USA based supplies. In a global economy, it was impossible to to have items that we didn’t create that were sourced fully in the USA. Rest assured, when we carry any item that is imported, we make sure our entire supply chain is documented to ensure all products were made ethically by artisans all over the world.
At SøtaPop, we hope you love the attention to detail for each product. Whether it’s the eco-friendly packaging, or our three ingredient, all-natural candles, or our unique hand painted wall decor that you can only find at SøtaPop, we know our products will bring out your Søta smile.
The Brand 
We wanted the Søtapop brand to bring us back to our Minnesotan roots. Everything about our shop is inspired by various Norwegian folk illustrations & patterns. The playful, friendly, and approachable feel is something that we wanted to harness in each one of our products. We are just one big family here in Minnesota and that is exactly what SøtaPop represents!
Our typography is derived straight from Scandinavian culture. The simple, clean designs that make up our logo and products are meant to evoke that feeling of home, friendliness, and belonging.